While many businesses made the quick change to working from home at the onset of COVID precautions in March, others ­– such as many of your favourite local coffee shops ­– reasonably could not do the same. When they were permitted to reopen, the lack of tourists, in addition to many empty offices as companies continued to work remotely, proved to be challenging for local businesses who rely on the foot traffic.

For the team at The Old Apothecary, this problem was compounded by a lack of awareness surrounding a recent move to their beautiful new location in the Brewery Market. Despite the move preceding COVID in January, many customers saw the empty windows on their old corner and assumed the worst believing the coffee shop to be yet another casualty of these difficult times.

Fortunately, Laura and Katie, the mother-daughter duo behind TOA, received a COVID-19 grant. Long-time neighbours–and fans of their delicious treats–we got right to work fueled by some tasty pastry to build them an efficient digital campaign leveraging SEM and social media.

A mix of photography and social-first video highlighted their new location and most popular products in mouth-watering creative, which was optimized for efficient delivery using machine learning. Additionally, store visits functionality drove to Google Maps, helping consumers find their way to the new Brewery Market shop easily.

Special thanks to MINT Content for their generous video contributions and helping us bring this idea to life.